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Kwanii Intern Blog Series: Exploring the Distinctive Culture of Kwanii

“I’m scared.” These are the words that kept repeating in my head when I was applying to be an HR intern at Kwanii. This was the first time I had ever gone through the entire process, from applying for a job to being hired. Fortunately, someone close to me had the opportunity to become an HR intern at Kwanii. However, I can’t help but be afraid of the unknown because not everyone has the same experiences. But one thing I learned is that you will never truly know what it’s like if you don’t try.


How Kwanii treat interns   

When I started working with Kwanii, I immediately felt like I wouldn’t be alone on this journey. Everyone on the HR team was very nice and accommodating. My first week was overwhelming, but I was able to handle it and learn everything quickly because of how amazing and helpful the former HR interns were at that time. However, their internship was nearing its conclusion at the time I joined. So, I became alone. I was the only HR intern at that time. Once again, I was filled with fear, fearing that I wouldn't be able to manage the tasks on my own without their support. But I realized I was never alone; I had my supervisors with me.  

I remember getting asked by all my supervisors at the same time about how I’m feeling and if I need any help from them. One of my supervisors also asked me if I was happy with what I was doing, a question I had never received before, which made me feel grateful. I was delighted that they were concerned and thought of me. That’s when it became clear to me that I would never feel alone on this team. People do come and go, but if the right people stay, there is nothing to worry about. 

Insight into the company culture of Kwanii 

Kwanii's culture is what sets it apart from other companies. Whenever there are new HR interns, they are usually surprised by how we interact with our supervisors. Expecting strict or superior supervisors, they were wrong. Eventually, they learn to adapt, understanding that they can feel at ease because they don't have to be afraid to talk to our supervisors about anything. 

Kwanii has a supportive and collaborative work environment, which I felt throughout my whole internship. The former HR interns made me feel welcome and assisted me in HR training. Then, when they assign us various tasks, the supervisors make sure we always have the knowledge and resources needed. They would schedule a meeting to discuss the tasks we would be performing and to address any questions we may have. Now, I make sure that I will be able to let the new HR interns feel welcomed, accommodated, and noticed by the team. 

What makes Kwanii a great place to work 

The people are what make Kwanii a great place to work. The work might be difficult or overwhelming, but I believe you can overcome anything when you have the right people to help and guide you throughout the process. I have always been the kind of person who fears asking questions but also makes mistakes. However, I realized working in Kwanii that you can’t avoid making mistakes when you don’t ask questions. It is so much easier to simply ask rather than assume that what you’re doing is right.  

However, Kwanii also appeals to me because it's not solely focused on work. There’s fun! I can’t count how many times I have made jokes to my supervisors, other employees, and the interns. I am known to be the jolly one on our team, and I am happy that I can show who I am. Honestly, being able to interact this way with the team is what makes me excited to look forward to workdays. The people at Kwanii have such a great balance of fun and work, which made me love the company more. 

Culture of Work-Life Balance  

I had learned many lessons from working with Kwanii that I have applied to my life. One of those lessons is about work-life balance. I remember working even after working hours or during the weekends. I felt so restless that when I received a notification regarding work, I immediately responded to it, thinking that I should always be available to assist.  

But then, my supervisors kept promoting a healthy work-life balance, which made me realize that I should try to stop working when I shouldn’t be. As a result, I stopped receiving work notifications during non-working hours. After that, I saw how tremendously it helped me to look forward to working and become more productive. 

“I’m capable.” These are the words that keep repeating in my head now that I am about to end my three-month internship. I am grateful to be able to have my first work experience in Kwanii. I met a lot of wonderful people and learned so many things that I will never be able to forget. Now that I have gained experience, I realize I am capable. I am now ready to take on new challenges in life. It’s scary because it’s unfamiliar, not because you are incapable. 

Internship with Kwanii: Find out who you can be and what you can do! 

Now that my internship is almost over, I can't help but worry about what's next for me, because it will once again be unfamiliar. But honestly, I don’t feel that scared anymore, like before. I’m more excited! I'm excited to know that there’s something out there for me. I’m excited to explore and experience new things.  

Trying out the internship at Kwanii has given me a lot of life lessons. I've come to understand that the first step is always to take action. Doing something always leads to something. If I didn’t do anything to be a part of Kwanii, would I have an unforgettable experience?  

Therefore, I hope that I have encouraged everyone to try out being an intern at Kwanii! You will never know what you can experience if you don't try. I had a great time, and I'm sure you'll do the same. Find out who you can be and what you can do! Know that you are more than what you think you are.  

Join Kwanii to experience growth both personally and professionally. Experience the benefits of working from home, learning from experienced professionals, working in a supportive and collaborative environment, and enhancing your skills with access to tools and software. Contact Kwanii today to start your journey as an intern and show and know your capabilities. 


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