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Kwanii Intern Blog Series: How to Make the Most Out of Your Internship

Life after graduation will continue to be a journey full of discoveries. Your career path and goals may not always be apparent at first, but embracing opportunities around you can help you grow your potential and find your interests. Taking part in internship opportunities is an excellent avenue for discovering which career path to take, developing skills, and gaining exposure to different fields of work. Here at Kwanii, the internship program bridges academic learning and professional work, allowing interns to strengthen their skills, maximize their networks, and better understand their personal and professional goals through hands-on experience. In this short article, we will talk about how interns can maximize their internship through some pieces of advice from a former intern. Find out how you can turn your internship into an experience that will be worthwhile, memorable, and growth-centered with these five tips. 


1. Set SMART Goals  

When planning to join internship programs, your first step should always be setting goals. Set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. For example, if you are an intern for the human resources department with a goal focused on improving the recruitment process, your SMART goals could be: 

Specific: Develop a standardized recruitment process 

Measurable: Reduce waiting time to hire by 10% for the next three months 

Attainable: Collaborate and discuss with the HR team and implement at least 3 new improvements 

Relevant: Aligned with company goals to retain and attract top talent 

Time-Bound: Improve the process within the next six months 

Setting goals can help you manage your expectations for yourself and the work you do and determine your goals during your internship proper. In addition, having these clear goals can boost your motivation and help you build a stronger foundation for your future professional endeavors. 

2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  

With new experiences like internships, try to “do things scared.” Understand that making mistakes is a natural part of your learning process and experience. Making mistakes is normal, and you must realize that you can take advantage of them when you use them to learn new skills, take on new responsibilities, and constantly improve. You can also use mistakes to seek feedback and advice from colleagues and mentors to foster stronger professional relationships and collaboration. Remember that mistakes don’t define you; how you deal with them does. 

3. Be Proactive and Adaptable 

Being a proactive worker means being adaptable, thinking, and planning ahead to prepare for challenges. As a proactive intern, you must practice observing opportunities and responsibilities to help others complete their work. If you finish your work ahead of time, practice showing initiative by asking for new tasks to work on rather than waiting for your boss to assign you to a new one. Proactivity not only improves your efficiency but also demonstrates initiative and commitment to the team's success. By being proactive and adaptable, you promote better work habits, contribute to a positive workflow within the team, and position yourself as a valuable asset who anticipates needs and offers solutions before problems escalate. 

4. Build supportive relationships   

Building supportive relationships in the workplace is vital for fostering collaboration, improving morale, and enhancing communication. Positive interactions among coworkers contribute to higher job satisfaction and reduced stress, thus creating a healthier work environment. These relationships also enable efficiency among the team since colleagues can be more productive by knowing and balancing each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, a supportive work environment can create more solutions and improvements to existing or upcoming issues by combining various perspectives and ideas. These relationships can create a positive and resilient workplace where the organization and individuals can thrive and grow together.  

5. Pay it forward by mentoring 

Mentoring is one of the central facets of a successful internship. As an intern, you learn about your work and expand your perspectives about the industry you are in through the guidance and mentorship of professionals around you. They are the ones who help in providing you with opportunities for professional growth through mentorship and feedback, contributing to your skill development. But what will make your internship effective is if you are able to apply your new gained knowledge in real life situations and share these with others who may be within or outside the organization or company. Pay it forward by also contributing to the personal and professional development of others and empowering them just as your mentors empowered you.   

Becoming #Kwaniified!: Why You Should Intern at Kwanii 

All these lessons, I have realized because of Kwanii. Although my internship lasted for only two months, the whole internship period was fulfilling. It was an experience that made me realize the importance of knowing how to adapt to the changes in the world of work and allowed me to appreciate the job responsibilities of the people who have guided me – further enhancing my perspectives on what I can do to meet goals. The intern responsibilities given to me provided me with a well-rounded understanding of the industry and helped me to build on my skills and strengths. 


Interning at Kwanii offers a unique blend of professional growth, real-world experience, global exposure, and personal development in an innovative and supportive environment. The best part about this experience is not just learning more about the industry you are passionate about, but the immense growth you feel once you step out. Kwanii provides an environment that centers on your personal and professional development and is indeed a great avenue to help you go beyond your limits, make an impact, and contribute to navigating your professional journey.  


I would not have been able to pick up some great advice, if it were not for this amazing journey that I had with my fellow interns and mentors. So, if you are looking for a sign to apply for an internship, this is it. Join us as a Kwanii Intern and become #Kwaniified


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